Technology Today

Are you keeping up with technology? or is it ruling you?

Cloud Your Office Pty Ltd (CYO) has spent 20 years building a little I.T. company providing computer hardware solutions for desktop and server users.

We were with Keven Flynn as Tron trying to outmaneuver the Master Control Program that holds Clients captive and find the perfect “IO” solution for our clients. Well CYO is our answer to that question.

Today it is not only about the hardware or the software. It’s about the ability to provide clients, staff, management, CEO’s, NGO’s hell just about everyone on the planet information all the time at the same time.

Some of the software systems do some parts of the project, then you need to export and move to the next software package. Or Some hardware suits one part of a project but $60k later and you need more hardware/software.

It’s no longer a CTO’s (Computer Technical Officer) job to just plug something in and make it work. It’s all the bells and whistles that go along with it. Gone are the days of relying on your technology team to only fix a printer, set up a computer or laptop, new wireless router or update Windows. Small to mid-sized companies are leveraging technology to increase profit and productivity at a fraction of the cost.

So much more is available today as a “online tool” to run your business. No longer do you need to have the very expensive server in the back room. One popular way is through capitalizing on ‘software as a service’ (SaaS).

We setup companies with customised and off the shelf CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) for Sales, Marketing Automation, Financial Management and Reporting, Applicant Tracking and Performance Management for HR, and Collaboration tools for Operations, just to name a few.

With the increase in the popularity of mobile devices, along with affordable data plans offering power and functionality comparable to a laptop and desktop. Us planning and implementing you and your staff to stay connected online and allowing you’er business to function on the go wherever that may be.  It has become essential, information is available 24/7 no matter the client or the job.

Meanwhile, the devices being used to access sensitive corporate data are not necessarily company-owned assets, leading to any number of security threats. With more reliance on the cloud services, the rise of social engineering amongst other difficult to combat techniques have allowed hackers unimaginable access to information, from credit cards numbers to electronic medical records and beyond.

CYO has the tools and the ability to assess, plan and implement  your requirements. Our systems are integrated and provisioned with easy access and to use no matter the size or how many people require access.

Everything is modular today. We now we call them “App’s”. If there is not an “App” for that, there soon will be. But “App’s” or applications are still only part of the puzzle. It’s how do you secure every part of the process without loosing time or flexibility in accessing information and controlling the level of access individuals, departments, suppliers, manufactures and / or clients have.

With the endless opportunities available in technology, there are two critical questions to consider:

  • Who is currently tracking and mitigating the critical risks for you?
  • Who is ensuring your organization takes advantage of ever-evolving opportunities?

If you answered, “UMMM?” you had better get in touch with us sooner than later. With this much potential loss and gain on the table, how can you afford NOT to engage an expert?

CYO, CTO’s can assess your technology landscape to highlight the risks and opportunities relevant to your business, create your technology road-map (complete with technology initiatives that align with your private, business or corporate strategy), and help ensure they are delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner.

If you feel:

  • The person responsible for Technology is overwhelmed with multiple vendors, is fogged in on what direction to take or projects are getting way too complicated and expenses are blowing out.
  • The requirement for new software / hardware development and integration is required.
  • The business is considering the sale or acquisition of a business and separation or  integration is required.
  • Your watching competitors move forward in leaps and bounds.
  • You need to turn your technology road-map from parking lot to a free flowing highway.
  • You’re looking for experts with the ability to bring I.T. all together as pain free as possible.

Then calling CYO CTO’s now to assess, plan and implement a solution that is provided from under one roof is your best choice.

Call John Now 07-5641-4600 he is currently available.