Solutions that assist business not cost it business!

There was a time where you purchased software that maintained each department of your business.

There was a time where someone knew something about how do what was required.

Then all of a sudden there was one software package for accounting. Another for stock control and yet another for ordering. 

Carroll who is looking after the orders on the website now?!!!

Comes from the Bosses office…

Stop going bald now!

CYO is here to assess your every 3 letter acronym in or out of the office, and provide the solutions. We Specialise in knowing what to do so you can just do what you do. We build the software / hardware from the ground up or put compatible packages together so you can just sell what you selling. We have all of the tools for Domain name registration, Hosting, Security On-line, Web Development, E-Commerce, CRM, CMS, CTOs, and even a couple of programmers on top. What ever the acronym we have the solution....Just ask us....